“A website is a one stop shop where customers can find everything they need to find out about you online. It’s your home on the web…” Google

I don’t just put together a bunch of files and pictures then slap them on a server somewhere, I’m about creating an amazing web presence. I make sure your new Website/App conforms to international standards and best practices, built with the latest web technologies

Why work with me?

Working with a freelance web designer (like yours truly) instead of an agency has lots of benefits including:

  • Value for money: I offer my services at very competitive rates
  • Quick response time: since your inquiries come straight to me instead of a chain of people, i am able to respond to your questions in good time
  • Peace of Mind: The design process from start to finish is hassle free for you since you deal directly with me 
  • I use the latest web technologies to make your Website / App. I’m always on top of new developments in the web development industry
  • Speedy delivery of your website: lack of bureaucracy means I’m able to delivery your website in good time.

Who should hire me?

  • Hospitality:  (Tours and Travel Agencies, Hotels and Restaurants etc.)
  • Transportation:  (Cab/Taxi/Bus Companies etc.)
  • Salons, beauty parlours
  • Institutions: (Schools, colleges etc.)
  • Professionals:  (Doctors, lawyers, Architects etc.)
  • Creatives:  (photographers, bloggers, artists etc.)


If you have need for Web Design And Mobile App Development In Kenya , i’m your Man